Wednesday, 14 November 2007


Alright alright, we know we know... long time blud. Been mad busy international congo natty style! So much freshness has gone kind of stale kind of waiting on the shelves!

One big party coming up... with the man like Toddla T coming down on the train from Sheffield or something all tooled up and that to play at the next Thugs N Hugs (this whole blog is a bit gay for them boys). Don't fuck it up now... go and get your shit together!

Anyway, for now we are just going to give you a little something something. You hear about the beef between Uffie and Hollertronix? Apparently "we ain't your friends or some shit". Whatever. I think this might be a first... the electro / b more blog diss track. Personally this ain't my shit. But I love listening to rich girls problems. Like every day.

Someone is going to get hurt:

oller Glock (Play With Your Stickers) - Uffie

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