Tuesday, 21 August 2007


So the boy wonder Jim Sharp gives me his new mix at the weekend... homebizzle gots on some serious extra terrestrial kinds of shit for this one (it's even got a bit of country and fucking western on it). Anyway, Sunday at NHC is going to get officially ridiculous... apparently we is going to get all gunman and shit. The pirate gold is for the taking!

But meantime, back to the mix... the boy Sharp he also gives me this picture of himself, looking all kinds of stupid, pulling gang signs the whole shit! And I says to him, I says, no blud, use the one of you where you are riding the bike backwards, but he wasn't having it. Whatever.

This ain't about looks...

Hear Nu Evil Volume Two
Drink and My 2 Step (Cousin Cole Remix) - Cassidy

Stand up & Body Rock - Andy C vs. Ludacris

Lean & Bounce - Duke Dumont

Toys R Nuts (Remix) - Greg Salto & Chuckie

Polyphony Game - Petter vs. Game & Fiddy

Worry About It Later (Switch Remix) - The Futureheads
I Am Ready For The World - Size 9 vs The Temptations & KRS

Simon Says (ESTAW Refix) - Pharoah Monche
Get Into It - The Glamour vs Audioporn vs Busta

Let There Be Blazing Light - Kissy Sellout & DJ Funk

Fly Heater - Samim vs. Three 6 Mafia

Disco Eater - Les Rhythms Digitales vs Ms Furtado

Organ Grinder - Trevor Loveys & Sinden

The Salmon Dance - Chemical Bros featuring Fat Lip

When I Hear Mehdi - DJ Apt One

Maxel 2 F's - Harold Faltermeyer & The Clipse

Gin & Guuuice - Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney & Garth Brooks

Saturday, 11 August 2007


Five weeks of clean living and it's all good... b
een keeping it kind of low key, mad dreams every night though - you know where you think you already woke up and you just doing your normal thing until your boy turns into like a fucking giraffe or something and starts getting all inexplicable like and you realise you actually went to work in a full size Tiger outfit and that!?!

Anyway, even if we ain't all crunky these days doesn't mean we ain't getting down like that (we still gots our drink on). Watch the sound for some freshness in the next few weeks... Terence The Pirate and Tom Patchwork have orgainsed this NHC thing at The Fat Badger and boy wonder Martelo is going to be dipping the shit it out of it the week after, when we host the main thing at Plan Bizzle.

Lowdown wise, this is what is keeping me bumpy right now...

Cassidy - Drink And My 2 Step (Cousin Cole Remix)

Sam & Dave - Hold On (DJ Nature Remix)