Tuesday, 19 June 2007


I am only going to say this once... if homeboy doesn't get on that shit like today. It's gone. You know what I am saying. Oh yeah, I fixed the Cool Kids 'Gold And A Pager' link!

So the thing with Too Short is basically ridiculous (it's been on mad blogs since the end of last year... but it has been slept on hard), the Watch My Feet track is bare danger (big up's to the Thugs N Hugs crew worldwide) and the new Benzi bit is just what I am saying for the next month or so. Personally.

The Pack featuring Too Short - Vans (Remix)

Dude N' Nem - Watch My Feet

DJ Benzi featuring The Cool Kids & Lil' Wayne - Gettin' It

Monday, 4 June 2007


So you wake up one morning and your Lupe Fiasco yeah (big weekend and all that)...

You get to write dope rhymes about skateboarding, hang out with your boy Pharell, all the Bathing Ape clothes you can eat... that whole thing.

Anyway, you start work on a new album and try to forget about the problems you had with the last album (that whole having to record new tracks because everyone downloaded your whole album off of z share before you had even got artwork under wraps)... you really focus you know, some of your best shit.

You sample Radiohead, you know it's going to be pure fire. Your excited, your boy's excited, everyone's fully excited. And what happens?

Motherfuckers leak it all over the internet.

I hate it when that happens:

Lupe Fiasco - Us Placers